If you’ve done all of your planning (congrats to you!), and you’re really just looking for someone to take the reins starting a few weeks before the wedding so that you & your partner can chill and be fully present during the wedding day, then you need a “Day-of” Coordinator.  About a month before your wedding, we meet with you to go over all of your plans (we call this the marathon meeting). 


We familiarize ourselves with what you’ve got going on and we help you create or refine your time line.  If possible, we do a venue walk through with you to go over setup, flow & potential issues.  Once the time line is all fleshed out, we break out the day-of schedule and create individual schedules for your vendors and wedding party.  We reach out to all of your vendors to confirm their duties and timing.  We reach out to your wedding party to go over their schedule & tasks too.  If you’re having a rehearsal, we coordinate it for you (i.e. lining people up, timing, etc.).  On the day-of, we spend approximately 8-12 hours onsite.