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About Natalia Liriano

Hi, I'm Natalia and I'd like to  help make your wedding amazing! The road that led me to Floral and event designer was long and winding.  After several years working into a corporate event planner role, where I organized large international business conferences, commercial product launches, legal seminars and corporate sponsored social events. During those years in the corporate world, I perfected my ability to think quickly and creatively under pressure with a smile on my face the entire time. It was through my corporate connections that I booked my first wedding planning client, and while at their wedding, I knew I had found my home...  I realized that weddings are the perfect marriage (no pun intended) of the things I'm good at (organization, communication, and cooperation) at and the things I love (beauty, happiness, and parties). So, I began Natalia Liriano, Floral and Event Designer establish in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Whether intimate or grand, traditional or avant-garde, my team and I approach each event with a personal touch, tailored to your unique vision. From concept to finish and all that comes between, we plan, design,and coordinate inspired events through a process that is meticulous yet stress-free.  We are ready to work with you to craft a special day with an ambiance and character that really represents you. We will ensure that your event is an experience that is sophisticated, effortless, and reflective of your style.


Our team is an amazing group of people with backgrounds as varied as the weddings we help create - we've got design degrees (interior and graphic), corporate event planning chops and program coordination experience!  In addition to their past experience, our staff is rigorously trained and vetted to ensure that you have the most fantastic group of people by your side throughout the planning process. Natalia Liriano Floral and Event Designer team never hesitates to roll up their sleeves and dive in to make sure things get done!  

Last year we improved ourself with new learning and a lot fun!! Now we have a MCQueen Floral education, Inibep Professional Event Designer Certification, Tulipina and New York floral school workshop and Intrigued Experience.


So check out what we've got to offer and get in touch! Every event tells a story - let us guide you through the telling of yours. We'll get you to the altar with ease, grace (and yes, even a bit of fun)!  

Natalia Liriano
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